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About SCBC

The Constitution of India through its Article 16(4) enables a State Government to make provision for reservation in appointments or posts in the form of any backward class citizens which, in the opinion of the State govt., are not adequately been represented in the services under the State Government and through Article 340 provides for the appointment of a Commission to investigate the conditions of the socially and educationally backward classes and may make appropriate recommendations to the Union or the State Governments as the case may be.
The Hon’ble Supreme Court of India in its landmark judgment of 1993 rendered in the case of Indira Sawhney & Others Vs. Union of India and Others popularly known as ‘Mandal Case’ (1992) directed the Government of India, State Governments and Union Territory Administrations to constitute a permanent body in the nature of the Commission or Tribunal for entertaining, examining and recommending upon requests for inclusion and complaints of over inclusion and under inclusion in the list of OBCs.
In pursuance of the directions of the Hon’ble Supreme Court, the Government of India enacted the National Commission for Backward Class Act, 1993 and set up a National Commission for Backward Class at the Centre.
The Sikkim Commission for Backward Classes, Act, 1993 was enacted by the Sikkim Legislative Assembly in the same pattern in compliance with the direction of the Hon’ble Supreme Court and consequently the Sikkim Commission for Backward Classes was set up.
Objective of constituting SCBC is to identify the backward classes citizens of the State of Sikkim other than the people already in the categories of Bhutia Lepcha , Scheduled caste and scheduled tribes and give them due recognition as OBCs for enabling them to avail welfare measures for their over all developments.

1. Dewan has been included in the Central list category of OBC by the State Government in view of their being genuine backward class and already declared and notified in 1994 itself as Socially and Educationally backward alongwith other backward classes which have already secured Central OBC status, although the community is yet to be notified as Central OBC by the Government of India.

2. Majhi Community has been included in the state list of OBC by the state govt. and in view of being genuine backward class like other communities who are already in the central OBC list , state govt. further has recommended Majhi community for the inclusion in the central OBC list.

The Government of Sikkim constituted a Commission for Review of Environmental Social Sector Policies, Plans and Programmes (CRESP) under the Chairmanship of Prof. B.K. Roy Burman Which completed its report and submitted to the Government during 2008. The report recommended for securing Scheduled Tribe status to the entire left-out Sikkimese on the basis of the recommendation. The State Government is earnestly pursuing this issue in the Central Government. SCBC in coordination with social Justice empowerment & welfare Department Govt.of Sikkim, organized a historic “Public Hearing” of NCBC team at Chintan Bhawan, Gangtok on 9th June, 2015 for the public, Association, Representation of Dewan, Bahun, Chettri and Newar communities of Sikkim, for their consideration in the Central List of OBC. The hearing had a remarkable gathering, comprising of some eminent members of even the Centrally Listed OBCs, show casing their solidarity and communal harmony.

Present status of various backward classes communities of Sikkim
Sl. No. Community Central status State status
1. Bhujel OBC Central list of OBC
2. Gurung OBC Central list of OBC
3. Manger OBC Central list of OBC
4. Rai OBC Central list of OBC
5. Sunuwar(including, Koincha/Mukhia) OBC Central list of OBC
6. Sanyasi OBC Central list of OBC
7. Thami OBC Central list of OBC
8. Jogi OBC Central list of OBC
9. Dewan - -
10. Bahun - State OBC
11. Chhetri - State OBC
12. Newar - State OBC
13. Majhi - State OBC
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  • Shri. H.K. Sharma, IAS, Secretary
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